About us

Healthpac was founded in 1995 by Dr Ven Tan and soon developed from a small practice to a multi- centre, one stop shop medical facility catering for all patient needs under one roof.

We endeavour to ensure that all our centres are multi serviced, multi lingual, multicultural.

With a variety of services available at any of our centres, chances are that the service or treatment required is conveniently located in the same building.

We understand how important a clear communication between doctor and patient is. That’s why most of our staff can communicate with you in your own language, whether is English or any of the Chinese dialects.
Healthpac welcomes with open arms all nationalities. Our doctors and staff are active members of the community.

Dedicated to integrative medicine, Healthpac provides a blend of conventional and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to offer a holistic approach and the most appropriate, safe and evidence-based modality(ies) available for all patients.