General Practioners

Here in Australia, a General Practitioner is your first point of contact when seeking health care. They’re an experienced gatekeeper and caring friend who will guide you through all your health needs. All the GPs you find at our centres will provide you with quality comprehensive care and direct you to the most appropriate healthcare worker, whether that be a super specialist to our in-house traditional Chinese medical practitioners.

The Doctors

Name Service Centres
Dr Sirjana Sharma Doctor (General) City Centre
Dr Denise Huang Doctor (General) City Centre
DR LIZ ZENG Doctor (General) Chatswood
DR CINDY PAN Doctor (General) Chatswood
DR XIAN (SIDNEY) XU Doctor (General) Chatswood
DR MIRABELLE WANG Doctor (General) Chatswood
DR TRUNG NGO Doctor (General) Chatswood
DR KIN KAY LEUNG Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Bin Mo Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Ven Tan Doctor (General) Campsie Chatswood City Centre Hurstville
Dr Jenna Tu Doctor (General) City Centre
Dr K H Tong Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Alan Wong Doctor (General) Campsie
Dr Wendy Low Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Paul Chai Doctor (General), Acupuncture (Medical) Chatswood
Dr Yu-Feng Huang Doctor (General) City Centre
Dr Yan Dan Goh Doctor (General) City Centre
Dr Emily Ta Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr Ling Ronnebeck Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Tony Goh Doctor (General) City Centre
Dr Leng Tan Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Elaine Chow Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Allen Chow Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Natalie Chang Doctor (General) Chatswood
Dr Meng K Wong Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr Stephen Howe Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr George Tang Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr Weng Lee Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr Lydia Lam Doctor (General) Hurstville
Dr Cecilia Fong Doctor (General), Acupuncture (Medical) Hurstville