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Australia embraces Chinese medicine

September 25 2013 | by: admin

Australia has earned its place as a world leader in the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest high-level exchange launching in Sydney in September 2012. Please find the following link for detailed video news. Australia embraces Chinese medicine

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Healthpac Campsie Medical Centre is Now Open

September 25 2013 | by: admin

Healthpac Campsie is now opened! Conveniently located at the corner of Beamish Street and Evaline Street, it provides an array of medical services including Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes clinic, geriatricians and many more! Existing Healthpac patients can easily transfer their medical history to Campsie.

Australia opens up to the secrets of Chinese medicine

September 6 2013 | by: admin

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Prevnar 13 ®

September 6 2013 | by: admin

Prevnar® vaccine routinely given to infants and young children to help protect against 7 strains of pneumococcal bacteria.

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