Our Team

The Doctors

Name Service Centres
Mr Zac Zhuang Podiatrist City Centre
Ms Ming L Sze Clinical Psychologist City Centre
Mr Raymond Lo Physiotherapist City Centre
Ms Bakita Cho Occupational Therapist Campsie City Centre
Ms Danni Zhang Clinical Psychologist Chatswood
Ms Joanna Wu Psychologist Hurstville
Dr Paul Li Acupuncture (Medical), Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine City Centre
Dr Jenson Mak Rehabilitation Medicine, Geriatrician Campsie City Centre
Dr S.D.Mok General Surgeon City Centre
Dr Andy Yong Consultant Cardiologist Chatswood City Centre
Dr Vincent Wong Endocrinologist Chatswood
Dr Margaret Tam Dermatologist Chatswood
Dr Adam Rappaport General Surgeon Chatswood
Dr Peter Leung Infertility, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist Chatswood
Dr Vincent Fong Endocrinologist Chatswood
Dr Clive Sun Rehabilitation Medicine Campsie City Centre
Dr Vincent Chow Consultant Cardiologist Chatswood Hurstville
Dr Richard Shew Gastroenterologist Campsie Chatswood City Centre Hurstville
Dr Samson Kwok Paediatrician Chatswood Hurstville
Prof Cheng Wen Renal Physician Hurstville
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