Head To Toe Check-Up

This consists of a full ‘systems review’ of all aspects of your health and is specifically designed for individuals who lead busy lives and rarely see a doctor.

Tailored to your age and sex our Head to Toe check up is also particularly appropriate for those individuals who maintain a regular exercise regime, eat correctly and overall feel and look healthy. Essentially it is like a ‘health performance check’ but on those factors that you can’t see.

Firstly, an in depth interview is conducted by our nurse manager where we will look at lifestyle factors that can affect your health. This is followed by some examinations such as blood pressure, urine, or ECG (heart check).

This information, together with details of your family history, can provide your doctor with specific clues about aspects of your health that may need to be explored fully during the comprehensive physical that follows.

Overall, the physical examination is designed to establish your health status in all important health areas including cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrine, musculoskeletal, genito-urinary, lymphatic, skin check, visual acuity & foot examination.

General Practice Management Plan (GPMP)

This is available for all members of the Practice who have a chronic or complex condition such as diabetes, asthma, mental health issues, or heart disease. In conjunction with the practice nurse and your doctor, objectives around your health will be identified. This is an excellent way of outlining what actions need to be taken, and when, in order to keep you in the best health possible. This is directly billed to Medicare so there is no cost to you.

The GPMP is reviewed after 3 months to evaluate any changes to your health or lifestyle and to generally support you with your GPMP.

‘I Can’t Believe I’m Almost 50′ Check-Up

Specifically for patients aged between 45 and 49 years who are at risk of developing a ‘chronic’ disease. This may be because of lifestyle factors such as smoking, physical inactivity, excess weight, biomedical risk factors whre there is no outward sign of a problem (such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol) or simply a family history of chronic disease. This service is also billed directly to Medicare.

Seniors Annual Check-Up (SAC)

Seniors Annual Check-Up is for those members of the Practice who are over 75 years. This appointment takes 1-1.5 hours and is a comprehensive review of your physical health and life style. This is directly billed to Medicare so there is no cost to you.

‘Thinking Of Starting A Family’ Check-Up

This health check is for couples intending to have a baby and is designed to help you enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy and to give your baby the best possible start.

The consultation includes blood tests to check immunity (for females); checking vaccination status for both partners; a possible physical examination of either partner if the doctor feels it to be appropriate; discussion on pre-pregnancy and pregnancy health including nutrition and the role of folic acid during pregnancy.

Additionally, couples will receive a complimentary ‘pregnancy pack’ which includes important information on maternity care facilities at local hospitals, advice about feeding your baby and a lot more.

‘High Risk of Diabetes?’ Check-Up

If you are aged 40-49 and score 12 or more points on the Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool, you will be eligible for a health check. Click on this link to obtain a copy of the Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool.

This will be performed by the nurse and your doctor who will examine those factors that increase the risk of diabetes, as well as discussion around action that can be taken to reduce your risk. Having this health check will enable you to gain access to the Lifestyle Modification Programme run by The Exercise Clinic a comprehensive 6 month programme of exercise and diet advice and implementation.

Please allow approximately one hour for this consultation.

NB: If you are not aged between 40-49, but concerned about your risk of developing diabetes, please discuss this with your doctor.

Healthy Kids Check-Up

For children aged in their forth year. This is a comprehensive screening check with our nurse for those children who have had, or having their 4 year vaccinations to ensure that your child is reaching appropriate levels in relation to developmental and motor skill milestones. This check up also includes eye sight, hearing and dental health screening.

Sexual Health Check-Up

In today’s world most couples like to have a sexual health check-up before embarking on an intimate relationship. At AISHM we can organize a full check for sexually transmitted infections to put your mind at rest. We also provide treatment for a wide range of sexual issues, from erection and ejaculation problems to desires issues, addictions etc. It is also important to take care of your relationship by checking in before you partner checks out if you are experiencing difficulties. Sometimes sexual health issues can feel embarrassing and awkward to talk about but our clinical staff are approachable and highly skilled in this area so come and discuss what is bothering you in a comfortable and confidential environment.  See www.aishm.com.au for details.