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On-Site Pathology

All Healthpac centers have pathology departments on site. The pathology department is just a short walk away if a blood test, stool or urine sample etc. is necessary. The results will be sent directly to the doctor. You will be informed by either the nurse or Healthpac reception as to when to return to your doctor for the test results. Healthpac understands their patients have busy schedules, this one stop service is provided for your convenience.

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TCM Herbal Medicine

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Skin Cancer Check

It is recommended that skin should be checked regularly by a doctor or yourself, at least every three months. Through regular checking, you will get to know your skin and notice any changes.

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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment used to promote tissue healing and it uses pulses of sound waves to penetrate tissues. This has a minor warming effect on the tissues. The sound waves cause expansion and contraction in the tiny gas bubbles of the soft tissues. This helps to decrease the inflammatory response, reducing tissue swelling and thus decreasing pain.

NA Campsie Chatswood City Centre Hurstville
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