Sexual Health Services

Sydney Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling Services

We offer clinical and integrated sex therapy and relationship counselling services from our Sydney clinic and via Skype. Our aim is to provide private and confidential sex therapy and relationship counselling to clients who seek to improve their sexual health and relationships. With a vast array of education and knowledge, our sex therapists and relationship counsellors have assisted thousands of people in achieving happier and more fulfilled relationships. Our qualified counsellors offer services for the following concerns:

The above list is a comprehensive outline of the kinds of concerns our clients present with, though we see many more types of concerns from fetishes to alternative sexual lifestyles. If you are unsure whether AISHM is the right sexual health clinic for you, contact us by email today to see if we are qualified to deal with your concerns. With many years combined experience, our sex therapists and relationship counsellors have seen a large variety of concerns and offer an open-minded and positive approach to all our clients. We understand that seeing a sex therapist can sometimes feel uncomfortable and so endeavour to put our clients at ease and create a comfortable atmosphere. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SKYPE SESSIONS