A specialist is a qualified secondary physician who is an expert in their chosen field. They provide specific and particular care offering the utmost authoritative opinion on one’s condition. Through years of experience and commitment to new learning and providing ongoing quality service, all our specialists have gained respect and high reputation in their individual areas. So you can rest assured you are in the best of hands when seeking their medical advice.

The Doctors

Name Service Centres
Dr Joshua Tang Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist Chatswood City Centre Hurstville
Dr Michael Chang Consultant Cardiologist Chatswood Hurstville
Dr Xing Luo Geriatrician Campsie
Ms Ming L Sze Clinical Psychologist City Centre
Dr Jenson Mak Rehabilitation Medicine, Geriatrician Campsie City Centre
Dr S.D.Mok General Surgeon City Centre
Dr Andy Yong Consultant Cardiologist Chatswood City Centre
Dr Vincent Wong Endocrinologist Chatswood
Dr Margaret Tam Dermatologist Chatswood
Dr Adam Rappaport General Surgeon Chatswood
Dr Peter Leung Infertility, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist Chatswood
Dr Vincent Fong Endocrinologist Chatswood
Dr Clive Sun Rehabilitation Medicine Campsie City Centre
Dr Vincent Chow Consultant Cardiologist Chatswood Hurstville
Dr Richard Shew Gastroenterologist Campsie Chatswood City Centre Hurstville
Prof Cheng Wen Renal Physician Hurstville
Dr Ernest Tam Physician, Geriatrician Hurstville
Dr Wel Kee Sim Physician, Geriatrician Hurstville
Dr Lin Saw Sclerotherapist Hurstville
Dr Stephen Muller General Surgeon Hurstville
Dr Tim Chung Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist Hurstville
Dr Kenneth Chan Rehabilitation Medicine Hurstville